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If you're not familiar with bookmarklets, you can read more on the bookmarklets intro page.

To use the bookmarklets listed on this page, drag the link (the bookmarklet icon) to your bookmarks bar or menu.

F-Puzzles ⇒ CTC F-Puzzles ⇒ CTC

Sometimes you might be solving a puzzle on and wishing you could copy the puzzle into the Cracking the Cryptic web app — that’s what this bookmarklet does.

When you're solving a puzzle on the site, you can load that same puzzle in the CTC web app by selecting the bookmarklet you saved earlier your bookmarks bar or menu.

Note: because the bookmarklet opens a new tab when it runs, you might need to allow pop-ups on the site.

F-Puzzles ⇒ F-Puzzles ⇒

Similar to the bookmarklet above, this one will transfer a puzzle from to

Contributed by Søren Holst Hansen ⇒ CTC ⇒ CTC

Loads a puzzle from into the Cracking the Cryptic web app.

Contributed by Sven Neumann ⇒ CTC ⇒ CTC

Go to the twitter bot @SudokuSolverNL which posts new puzzles every hour, click the link and then the bookmarklet to play that puzzle inside the CTC client. This supports classic, windoku, x-sudoku, and windoku + x-sudoku.

Contributed by Sven Neumann